• Poise Applique


    Poise applique could be placed in a staircase, surrounding an object, corridors or houses doors. Could be used in outdoors. Your choice of brass/stainless steel finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel) Could be placed outdoors and brass is replaced with stainless steel Applique is made out of concrete and copper tube Dimensions and lamps (Single):…




  • Folds


    A set of 7 triangular appliques that complement eachother. Could be placed in a staircase or instead of a painting or a mirror above a console. Dimensions LxWxH: Folds 1 – 13.6cmx34.9cmx36.7cm Folds 2 – 18.5cmx25.8cmx19.4cm Folds 3 – 18.3cmx12.2cmx20.4cm Folds 4 – 42.8cmx33.8cmx21cm Folds 5 – 19.2cmx17.3cmx21.1cm Folds 6 – 19.2cmx17.3cmx21.1cm Folds 7 –…

  • Harmony


    A set of 3 complementing appliques. Could be placed as asymmetrical set or similar appliques. Choose your set of choice. Dimensions LxW:(Harmony Concrete: 30×30, Harmony Cane: 45×30, Harmony Cane 2: 43×30) Materials: Concrete, Cane & Copper

  • Quantum Applique


    Quantum Applique

  • Galazio Wall Applique


    An artistic applique that every piece produced does not look the same Your choice of brass finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel) Copper plate to cover electricity outlet and contains 4 lamps Glass stones could be hazel, transparent or white (please specify in the comments if you do not want it blue) Ceramics shade with…

  • Eclipse


    Eclipse is another lighting design from our first collection, The Cosmos, and is made out of an interesting mix of concrete and brass. Dimensions LxW: 45×23 Materials: Concrete & Copper

  • Medley Applique


    An artsy Floor lamp from our Medley collection. Simple yet sophisticated – Medley applique combines a perfect mix of materials and elements that makes it a perfect addition to any home. Could be placed as a single applique next to a painting or for a more traditional way surrounding an object Your choice of brass…

  • Big Eclipse


    A single eclipse wasn’t enough for lots of people so we decided to create a double one. Perfect to be placed as a single eye catching piece Dimensions LxW: 100×23 Materials: Concrete & Copper

  • Strike


    Strike is another pendant lighting design from our very first collection, The Cosmos. Made out of an interesting mix of brass and concrete. It is available in 2 sizes and could be placed as a beautiful applique or a side pendant. Dimensions: Applique LxW: 55/40×65/45 Pendant LxW: 120×65/45 Materials: Concrete & Copper