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Poise Applique



3-4 Weeks Manufacturing


    Poise applique could be placed in a staircase, surrounding an object, corridors or houses doors. Could be used in outdoors.

    • Your choice of brass/stainless steel finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel)
    • Could be placed outdoors and brass is replaced with stainless steel
    • Applique is made out of concrete and copper tube

    Dimensions and lamps (Single):
    Overall: 13cmx7cmx45cm              Plate: 13cm             Tube: 45cmx5cm  
    Lamps:  2 5watt lamps (lights are upwards and downwards)

    Dimensions and lamps (Big):
    Overall: 50cmx20cmx1500cm         Plate: 16cm           Long Tube: 90cmx5cm       Short Tube: 45cmx5cm 
    Lamps:  3 5watt lamps (1 lights is upwards and 2 downwards)