We view Crudo as a gift of creativity with a responsibility to be delivered to clients with great care. It all started when Reem and Nancy were playing around with concrete mixes on the stairs right outside their grandma’s home; that’s when it hit them – that’s when they started experimenting different materials to create a design genius.

Brand brief

Recently launched by Nancy and Reem in the heart of Cairo, Crudo is a home design concept that relies on mixing two or three materials together to craft a one of a kind art piece. By bringing nature’s key elements to modern interiors, we aim to revolutionize the way modern Egyptian homes look and feel.

Why Crudo?

Let’s start off by saying that we’re a 100% local – and we’re super proud of it. All of Crudo’s collections are the product of fine Egyptian craftsmanship and authentic material inspired by our every-day life.

Our vision

To fill in your blanks and become Egypt’s leading home design concept.