• Folds


    A set of 7 triangular appliques that complement eachother. Folds 1 – 13.6cmx34.9cmx36.7cm Folds 2 – 18.5cmx25.8cmx19.4cm Folds 3 – 18.3cmx12.2cmx20.4cm Folds 4 – 42.8cmx33.8cmx21cm Folds 5 – 19.2cmx17.3cmx21.1cm Folds 6 – 19.2cmx17.3cmx21.1cm Folds 7 – 31.4cmx19.1cmx22.7cm

  • Harmony


    A set of 3 complementing appliques. Could be placed as asymmetrical set or similar appliques. Choose your set of choice. Dimensions LxW:(Harmony Concrete: 30×30, Harmony Cane: 45×30, Harmony Cane 2: 43×30) Materials: Concrete, Cane & Copper

  • Equilibrium


    A set of 2 complementing bar lamps that fits perfectly above a dining table or a bar – 120cmx70cmx10cm per piece. Dimensions LxW: 120x70x10/piece Materials: Concrete, Cane & Copper *Each Equilibrium pendant require an electricity outlet so please mention if you are purchasing both and only have one outlet**

  • Core


    Core is a unique flush center lamp that could be placed in corridors, living spaces or building entrances. Dimensions LxWxD: 50x40x40 Materials: Concrete & Copper

  • Illusion


    A floor to ceiling floor lamp and electricity outlet could be from the pendant or from the floor. Default height is 250-270. Please specify is otherwise

  • Void


    A unique center lamp that features more than 1 material. It contains 4 lamps to brighten up the space well. Dimensions LxWxD: 90x110x70 Materials: Concrete, Cane, Tinted glass & Copper