• Folds


    A set of 7 triangular appliques that complement eachother. Could be placed in a staircase or instead of a painting or a mirror above a console. Dimensions LxWxH: Folds 1 – 13.6cmx34.9cmx36.7cm Folds 2 – 18.5cmx25.8cmx19.4cm Folds 3 – 18.3cmx12.2cmx20.4cm Folds 4 – 42.8cmx33.8cmx21cm Folds 5 – 19.2cmx17.3cmx21.1cm Folds 6 – 19.2cmx17.3cmx21.1cm Folds 7 –…

  • Harmony


    A set of 3 complementing appliques. Could be placed as asymmetrical set or similar appliques. Choose your set of choice. Dimensions LxW:(Harmony Concrete: 30×30, Harmony Cane: 45×30, Harmony Cane 2: 43×30) Materials: Concrete, Cane & Copper

  • Poise Applique


    Poise applique could be placed in a staircase, surrounding an object, corridors or houses doors. Could be used in outdoors. Your choice of brass/stainless steel finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel) Could be placed outdoors and brass is replaced with stainless steel Applique is made out of concrete and copper tube Dimensions and lamps (Single):…

  • Poise


    Poise is one of our best sellers. It is one of the perfect pendants that could placed above a dining table and will look perfect. Dimensions LxWxH: Single pendant – 12x12x120 Set of 3 – 80x12x120 Set of 6 – 90x25x120 Materials: Concrete, Cane & Copper

  • Equilibrium


    A set of 2 complementing bar lamps that fits perfectly above a dining table or a bar – 120cmx70cmx10cm per piece. Dimensions LxW: 120x70x10/piece Materials: Concrete, Cane & Copper *Each Equilibrium pendant require an electricity outlet so please mention if you are purchasing both and only have one outlet**

  • Core


    Core is a unique flushmount lamp that could be placed in corridors, living spaces or building entrances. Your choice of brass finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel) Main structure is made out of 40×40 concrete cube Copper structure is 150mmx3mm and core with no copper 2cmx2cm copper angle Dimensions and lamps (Core): Overall: 50cmx40cmx50cm Min…

  • Illusion


    A floor to ceiling floor lamp that could be placed in any corner and makes it stand out. Could also be placed as a partition if installed repeatedly and with options. Dimensions LxWxD: (Normal Length 250-270x50x20 Short size 150-170x50x20) Materials: Concrete, Cane & Copper Default height is 250-270 or 150-170 please let us know if…

  • Void


    A unique center lamp that features more than 1 material. It contains 4 lamps to brighten up the space well. Dimensions LxWxD: 90x110x70 Materials: Concrete, Cane, Tinted glass & Copper

  • Folds Pendant


    Folds Pendants offer a rich texture and a twist on modern lighting design. The mix between hexagons from Void and 3D triangles from folds makes it a piece of art that would definitely turn any wall/corner into an art piece. Could be placed in a corner or on a wall Your choice of brass finish(Brushed…

  • Illusion Floor Lamp


    You can use Illusion floor lamp to lighten up a corner indirectly. It gives you a romantic vibe with a boho look. Fits perfectly as a corner floor lamp. Your choice of brass finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel) Main structure is made out of a 2cmx2cmx2cm copper tube Accommodates 2 60W incandescent bulbs or…

  • Illusion Pendant


    Illusion pendant can be in the full form or could be installed only in half. Could be placed perfectly in a corner or in halves surrounding an object Your choice of brass finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel) Concrete Ring and Cane Ellipse can be tilted right and left Handmade Cane Concrete molds Hardwired. Dimensions…