Every piece in our Zen collection keeps the airy feel of the room intact, and creates beautiful shades.
While rattan as a material was previously known for outdoor living, we find it a great element to pop up your home’s interiors.

Our Story

We view Crudo as a gift of creativity with a responsibility to be delivered to clients with great care. It all started when Reem and Nancy were playing around with concrete mixes on the stairs right outside their grandma’s home; that’s when it hit them – that’s when they started experimenting different materials to create a design genius.

The Cosmos” Our very first collection

The Cosmos featured designs that were entirely made out of an interesting mix of concrete and brass. Trying to secure the right quality of material, and the right craftsmanship, was no easy challenge. We took on a mission to source exactly what we’re looking for, and work with only the best talents in Egypt, until we’ve finally reached our destination.
Materials are created from scratch. Products are crafted by Egyptian hands. The process is quite complex, but also quite fun.
One year in, and we managed to build our very own workshop. Minor design requirements are still being outsourced to the right talents, to ensure that we’re getting the perfect mix.
We find it important to incorporate design efficiency and livability into each piece that we design; a lot of thought goes into doing what we do.


Your lighting should uplift your home completely
In other words, Reem is passionate about enriching spaces and interiors with just the right amount – and design – of lighting. Reem’s undergraduate studies were of an architectural focus and after graduating in 2012, she worked towards attaining her Master’s of Interior Architecture from UCA in Rochester, UK. When it comes  to her go-to design preference, Reem’s style always goes back to straight lines. When she’s not working on her next Crudo masterpiece or riding through life with her little sweetheart Farida, you’ll find Reem on the volleyball court – a passion she’s had for so many years now


She is our Chameleon!
While Nancy does come from an educational and professional background in Business Informatics, she was intrigued to leave all of this behind and take on a new passion with the launch of Crudo – design. She loves fusing a broad range of styles, from modern and eclectic, to the usage of traditional material and exploring raw substances. When it comes to design, Nancy’s go-to choice involves a great deal of detail with lots, and lots, of curves. The person writing this bio hasn’t tried her cooking yet, but Nancy says she enjoys home cooking a lot!

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