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Medley Center Lamp



3-4 Weeks Manufacturing


    Combines a mix of interesting materials and shapes. Medley Center lamp consists more that 4 materials and forms which makes it a very complex and intriguing piece.

    • Your choice of brass finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel)
    • Main structure is made out of 2×2 copper tube
    • Hanging wire is stainless steel
    • Handmade hammered copper
    • Handmade copper patina which is made out of oxidizing the copper with chemicals
    • Genuine natural leather
    • Tinted black glass
    • Adjustable hanging height

    Dimensions and lamps:
    Overall: 80cmx40cmx60cm-110cm       Min Hanging Height: 60cm      Max Hanging Height: 110cm   
    Lamps:  Led strip (profile) engraved in the main rectangle structure (240cm)