3-4 Weeks Manufacturing


    Core is a unique flushmount lamp that could be placed in corridors, living spaces or building entrances.

    • Your choice of brass finish(Brushed Brass, Black Finish, Brushed Nickel)
    • Main structure is made out of 40×40 concrete cube
    • Copper structure is 150mmx3mm and core with no copper 2cmx2cm copper angle

    Dimensions and lamps (Core):
    Overall: 50cmx40cmx50cm       Min Hanging Height: 50cm      Max Hanging Height: 50cm   
    Lamps:   Led panel 25cmx25cm 24watt

    Dimensions and lamps (Core with no copper):
    Overall: 40cmx40cmx40cm      Min Hanging Height: 40cm      Max Hanging Height: 40cm 
    Lamps: Led panel 25cmx25cm 24watt